IMPORTANT NOTE: My name is John Ned Kelly and I’m 65 years old. I have served honorably in both the British and Canadian Armed forces. I’ve been a Para-Legal for the last 30 years and have lived in Calgary since 1988. is not the only website I author, and I can assure you all, that the contents of this and my other websites are the truth.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2010 the Calgary police and the RCMP knowingly charged me with 7 criminal counts that they knew to be bogus. 4 of those were counts of criminal libel. All of those 7 bogus charges including the criminal libel were thrown out of court 9 weeks later. When at such time, neither the Calgary police nor the RCMP, nor anyone else, could provide the court with any evidence, that what I’d published was false.

To this day,  neither the Calgary police nor the RCMP, nor the Crown, nor anyone else, has provided any proof, that any the contents of my published websites are false. That’s because what I had published was totally true,

The Calgary police knew that, the RCMP knew that, and so did the Crown when they filed those bogus charges in the criminal court back in the September of 2010.

LICIA CORBELLA: has worked for newspapers in Canada for more than 27 years and is currently a columnist and is the editorial page editor, at the Calgary Herald. I tried for years to get Licia Corbella to uncover and write about the systemic ongoing corruption and crooked and criminal acts being perpetrated within the Calgary Police Service and other agencies. And every time Licia did nothing. Now here’s Licia Corbella, riding in, on her new white horse, in her shiny new armour, Lance at the ready, onward and upward to do battle against the very same evil Calgary Police Service she has protected for years. Better late than never I suppose.


1: Corbella: Police code protecting bad officers must be broken and here’s how.

2: There are good and bad people in every organization — and there are many good police officers — but when there are bad people within a police service the potential harm to individuals and society is simply intolerable.

3: The time for police to hold all the power with the state backing them must end.

4: The time is also long past for true civilian oversight of the police. Police commissions have become little more than police fan clubs.

5: The idea that only police can investigate police following a serious incident is absurd. There are many people who are capable of conducting complex investigations.

6: It’s Prodaniuk’s hope that from now on, those who blow the whistle on discreditable conduct within any police service might actually prevent bad officers from continuing their careers rather than hinder the careers of those who complain, and that in turn might save the lives of people like Floyd

7: Police, by the very nature of the power vested in each member — not just by the firepower they carry on their hip but through their right to use it — should be held to a higher standard of accountability than the average citizen. Instead, as history shows, they are held to a much lower standard than the rest of society. They remain virtually unaccountable, and that must end.

8: A much better job of weeding out recruits is essential if policing is to improve. Those who want to become police officers to wield power over others — rather than to serve and protect — need to be identified and removed from consideration.

9: Were it not for how ubiquitous cameras and video have become as a result of the near universality of smartphones, lies that have protected police from their own acts of brutality, baseness and discreditable conduct are no longer believed.

10: It’s time to break the code.

ABSOLUTE PROOF THE POLICE SUCKER PUNCHED THE MEDIA: On the morning of my arrest, Rick Hansen the Chief of the Calgary police service, Supt McGinnis and Sgt Bartley of the RCMP, had media releases prepared and sent out to radio stations, television, print, etc. They had arrested John Kelly and the Calgary police and the RCMP wanted to tell everyone about it.

They held a major press conference to inform the citizens of Calgary, Albert and beyond, of their major arrest. They were quoted in the Calgary Herald as well as many other media outlets. Hanson stated that the lengthy ordeal and investigation took a toll on many officers who were named on my website(s).

SUPT MCGINNIS of the RCMP: The RCMP started their investigation after being contacted about the case by Calgary’s Chief of Police. In my 29 years I’ve never heard of an individual being charged under the Criminal Code for libel charges, or defamation of character said RCMP Supt. Randy McGinnis.

CHIEF HANSON: Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson said the rarity of the criminal libel charges speaks to the seriousness of the allegations. There are occasions when free speech does cross over and can cross over, to where it’s criminal, and that’s where the investigation has to look. The lengthy ordeal and investigation took a toll on many officers who were named on his website.

Hanson also stated, ” There’s a world of difference between the civil world and the criminal world. The RCMP and the Crown clearly felt in reviewing the facts that criminal charges were warranted “

THE ABSOLUTE PROOF THEY LAID BOGUS CHARGES: Seven weeks after Chief Hanson and Supt McGinnis uttered those words, which the media took in, hook line and sinker, a Provincial Court Judge warned them all, that if within 2 weeks, they couldn’t provide any evidence to back up their criminal charges they wouldn’t like what would happen at the next court appearance.

Two weeks later at that next court appearance (despite what Chief Hanson had stated was a lengthy ordeal and investigation) they were unable to provide any evidence to the courts that the 7 criminal charges were not bogus. The Judge immediately threw out all 7 bogus charges including the 4 bogus criminal libel charges. No appeal was ever filed by Chief Hanson, or by Sgt Bartley or by the Crown.

LYING TO THE MEDIA: Chief Hanson, Sgt Bartley and the crown prosecutors, all knew that the statements that were on my website(s) were all true. And they all knew they’d filed 7 bogus criminal charges, and Chief Hanson knew he’d outright and knowingly lied to the Media at his major press conference. Yet not a word about this was has ever been published by the MEDIA…

Just like Ex Chief Hanson, they all have copies of the contents of my websites, both past and present. They also have many documents and materials clearly showing corrupt and criminal acts, having been, and still being committed.


The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

This website will be continually updated.