20th October 2025 is less than 2 years away. It is also the date of the next Municipal election in Calgary. Some Pinocchios listed on this site and others to be listed, are going to try to get elected, or help others. Some have already tried to get elected and failed.

Pinocchios are everywhere. Some tell little white lies, some tell little big lies. Some tell outright lies, some tell blatant lies, some tell self serving lies. Some lie in print, some lie to your face. Some tell whoppers, and some tell huge whoppers covering up the huge whoppers they’ve already told.

BARRY MORISHITA ALBERTA PARTY LEADER was asked ” Barry, do you believe that every political party has individuals who will resort to anything in order to get elected, including throwing out whatever ethics and morals they had in the first place, YES or NO “…

BARRY’S ANSWER ” I believe there are people like that YES “…

BARRY MORISHITA turned out to be one of those individuals.

CRAIG B CHANDLER is also, definitely one of those individuals AND SO ARE

THE FOUNDERS OF ASK HER CALGARY: Including but not limited to, Kerry Cundal and Kara Levis, Lindsay Amantea, Nagwan Al-Guneid and specifically and especially Esmahan Razavi.

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