In this election cycle, Craig Chandler has made numerous, and what I consider to be, very serious allegations, not only directed at me, but also other candidates that are running in ward 12. Those candidates are reluctant to take on Chandler and his bullying threatening ways, but not me.

With regards to Chandlers serious allegations against me, I immediately requested that Chandler provide the proof to substantiate them. Craig Chandler responded by stating not to contact him, and furthered stated that he copied his lawyer Jonathan Denis QC who is with the Guardian Law Group and is a previous Justice Minister for Alberta. I sent the following to Johnathan Denis’s (Chandlers lawyer) attention:

Attention: Jonathan Denis – Guardian Law Group.

Reference: Craig Chandlers open allegations.

Dear Jonathan,

You have this morning received a string of e-mails from Craig Chandler; Within that string of e-mails, several contain allegations made by Craig Chandler and there are e-mail requests from me for Craig Chandler to provide the evidence to support his allegations. To whit, Craig Chandler has directed them to you as his counsel. Jonathan Denis, as Craig Chandlers counsel, I am requesting that you have your client respond to the reasonable requests placed to him. And for your client to do so in a timely manner. For ease of reference, here are the requests, your client has in his possession.

Craig, please provide full and complete copies of the following immediately:

1. The City Police restraining Order, you state exists.
2. The papers the City police used to “sue” me, you state exists.
3. The charges the City police laid, you state exists.
As well as 13, please state specifically….
4. What “serious issues” you are referring to.
5. When was I “already been warned” by the police, as alleged by you.
6. What were those “warnings” you are alleging to.
7. Please provide the “past” Cease and Desist Communication(s) you refer to.

Jonathan Denis, you will note your client has not been Cc’d. I look forward to receiving prompt, specific and complete responses to 1 – 7.

Respectfully, John Kelly.

NOTE: The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

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