In the last Calgary election,2021. Craig Chandler tried to get everyone to believe, especially the voters in Calgary’s ward 12, that he was a good and decent man. Well, I can honestly attest that Chandler is anything but that. What will be published on this page, will show you exactly the man Chandler was in 2009 and exactly the man Chandler is now in 2021. What will be published on this page will be the truth.

” The last person to trust with power, is someone who is dying to have it ”

2009: Craig Chandler was the campaign manager for Mark Dyrholm who was in the running for the leadership of the Wild Rose against Danielle Smith. Dyrholm also held the positions of Treasurer and Vice President of the Rosscarrock community association. To cut a long story short, whilst holding those positions Mark Dyrholm also covered up the substantial theft of funds from the community association, as well as substantial fraud and mismanagement. Craig Chandler in his then capacity as Dyrholms campaign manager was not interested in doing what was right. The pair of them were only interested in doing every thing they could to stop Dyrholms misconduct from coming out.


(a) Craig Chandler refusing to answer to questions. Facts uncovered reveals that Chandler is participating in assisting Dyrholm in covering up fraud, deceit, corrupt and criminal acts. In their continuing attempts to stop the truth from coming out about Mark Dyrholm.

(b) On Monday the 22nd Day of June 2009, in a very lengthy phone call, Chandler stated that it was his job to protect Mark Dyrholm at all costs, and he threatened to come after John Kelly with everything he has got, if Kelly continued to publish the truth about Mark Dyrholm.

(c) Chandler wants to win, and Dyrholm is his boy, and Chandler will do everything he can to make that happen, even if that means lying to and misleading Albertans, the membership of the Wildrose Alliance, the Calgary Police Service and anyone else.

(d) Make no mistake, Chandler is not interested in the truth, he is not interested in whether Dyrholm has any ethics, morals or principles. Chandler is only interested in winning and getting Dyrholm elected.

(e) For Chandler, winning at all costs includes knowingly filing false complaints with the Calgary Police Service. Doing so in an effort to intimidate and to stop the truth from coming out. Chandler stated he would come after me, and now they have resorted to misleading and wasting Police time and resources.


Whenever they have been asked reasonable questions, Dyrholm and Chandler have reacted just like all liars react when caught in their lies, they go silent and refuse to answer. Mark Dyrholm who is corrupt and a liar, also aspires to be the leader of the Wild Rose Alliance and the Premier of Alberta, now has Chandler and others lying on his behalf.

1. They stated that Mark Dyrholm fully investigated the allegations of theft and mismanagement from the Rosscarrock Community Association. That was a lie.

2. They stated that Mark Dyrholm ordered a formal audit of the Rosscarrock Community Association. That was a lie.

3. They stated that by the end of his first year as Treasurer Mark Dyrholm had the Books of the Rosscarrock Community Association formally audited. That was a lie.

4. They stated that Mark Dyrholm met personally with the individual who completed that formal audit. That was a lie.

5. They stated that his campaign team researched what was stated to Chandler by John Kelly in a very lengthy phone conversation on Monday the 22nd June 2009. That was a lie.

6. They stated that Mark Dyrholm had on many occasions tried to reason with John Kelly. That was a lie.


NOTE: The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

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