BREAKING 5th JULY – CRAIG CHANDLERS COURT THREATS: I received this Notice of Intent from Craig Chandlers lawyer, quoting – s.13 of the Defamation Act, RSA 2000 c. D-7 -.

The full content of those threats and that document, along with my clear responses, is posted below, in full. You’ll easily note, that the entire Notice of Intent is nothing but a rambling and incoherent mess. No specificity, No details, Nothing, Nada, Zilch, Zero… more to follow:

SANGHA LAW FILE NO: 99-0213 – 5 May 2022 JOHN NED KELLY Delivered by personal Service with copy sent by email to: ATTENTION: JOHN NED KELLY

Dear Sir: RE: NOTICE UNDER s.13 of the Defamation Act, RSA 2000 c. D-7 Please be advised that our office acts as counsel for Mr. Craig Chandler (“Mr. Chandler”). — This letter shall constitute notice under section s.13 of the Alberta Defamation Act, RSA 2000 c. D-7. On the online website:

PARA 1:, — which is an online internet website “authored by John “Ned” Kelly, 2022”, you have made, written and posted online, numerous false and defamatory libel statements about Mr. Chandler, specifically all accessible at the online web address:

MY RESPONSE PARA 1: Please provide more complete and specific details: — (the “Libel Website”)

PARA 2: The libel statements you have admittedly authored on your Libel Website are false in virtually every detail, including, in their plain and ordinary meaning, by implication and their assertions. This false and defamatory statements made by your self are highly inflammatory and untrue, as Mr. Chandler has never had such spurious allegations or comments proven against him or ever made comments which have would define him as you have through your libel statements represented falsely and improperly labelled him.

MY RESPONSE PARA 2: Please provide more complete and specific details:

PARA 3: The defamatory statements made are completely unfounded, as you know. They were written maliciously by yourself.

MY RESPONSE PARA 3: Please provide more complete and specific details:

PARA 4: The false and defamatory statements on your Libel Website have already in a small amount of time since you made them caused and are continuing to cause serious harm to Mr. Chandler’s professional and personal reputation. Mr. Chandler reserves all of his rights, including to seek damages against yourself in regard to the matters included and arising from this Notice.

MY RESPONSE PARA 4: Please provide more complete and specific details:

PARA 5: You should immediately retract and delete the false and defamatory Libel Website in its entirety, and apologize to Mr. Chandler – publicly, abjectly, unreservedly and completely – if they wish to even begin to undo the harm caused by your Libel Website.

MY RESPONSE PARA 5: Please provide more complete and specific details:

PARA 6: In addition, you have embarked on a campaign of harassment through text messages sent by yourself directly to Mr. Chandler. Cease and desist all communication with Mr. Chandler, directly and/or indirectly. Additionally, be advised we are moving forward on our instructions to seek all legal remedies to protect Mr. Chandler from such harassment.

MY RESPONSE PARA 6: Please provide more complete and specific details:

Further, please do not communicate with our client directly, as all further communications must be made to our office in writing. Please govern yourself accordingly. SANGHA LAW HARDEEP S. SANGHA HSS Cc: Client by email.