PINOCCHIO PROFILE CRAIG CHANDLER: Chandler unsuccessfully ran for the position of Councillor in Ward 12 in the Calgary 2021 municipal elections. This is not the first time Chandler has been trounced in an election process. He has been unsuccessful for the last 20 years plus in his many attempts to get into office. Also unsuccessful in Chandlers machinations, were many specific senior and non senior members of Chandlers Take Back City Hall scheme.

BREAKING FEB 2024: Chandlers Lawyer has just been suspended: (more to come)

BREAKING – CRAIG CHANDLER AND HIS LAWYER ARE RUNNING A SCAM: When someone publishes or states truths about Craig Chandler, he gets his lawyer to send them an extremely threatening Notice that they both know has no merit, and is designed to purposely intimidate and bully the individual into silence. That is unconscionable and unethical. Chandler and Hardeep Sangha have recently tried that scam with me. I did not give in to their unethical bullying tactics and demands. Now Sangha is not only ghosting me, they have not served me with their promised Statement of Claim, and are refusing to send me the further and better particulars they promised. more to come…

SCAM – MEANING: a dishonest scheme, a fraud.

OTHER COURT THREATS: On the 26th July 2022, Craig Chandler posted the following two declarations on Social Media. 1. “you do realize 4 people have been served and Brad (CELMAINIS) is about to next month right?” 2. “Also I have run 123 campaigns only losing 9.”

1: Craig Chandler is now on the record as suing or about to sue at least seven (7) different individuals. I’m supposed to have mine served by Friday the 5th Day of August 2022.

2: Craig Chandler ran a Take Back (Calgary) City Hall campaign from the July of 2019 all the way through to the October 2021 Civic election. In that campaign, Craig Chandler hand picked all of the candidates, and was the Head Honcho. Only one Take Back City Hall candidate out of eleven plus, got elected, and that was Dan McLean in Ward 13. Chandler himself got trounced. Say again Craig, about only losing 9 campaigns out of 123, you lost 11 plus in one election.

BREAKING DEVELOPMENT – 19th JULY 2022: Craig Chandlers lawyer has assured me that I will be served with a Statement of Claim on or before the 5th Day August 2022. This despite either of them, responding to my many requests for further and better particulars and complete and specific details to what they placed in their Notice – s.13 of the Defamation Act, RSA 2000 c. D-7 -.

BREAKING – 5th JULY 2022: CRAIG CHANDLERS COURT THREATS: I have just received a threatening Incoherent and Rambling Legal Notice from Craig Chandler via his lawyer, quoting – s.13 of the Defamation Act, RSA 2000 c. D-7 -.

I’ve requested they both provide me with more complete and specific details to the allegations, not only those contained within that Notice, but also those contained within e-mails and texts.

One would think that a lawyer would have ensured that he had the complete and specific details to substantiate any threats or allegations sent out on behalf of his client. And would have included them in the Notice.

If they cannot provide me with specific and complete details, then I fail to see how they believe they’ll be able to provide them in any filed documents with the Court. And yes, I’m still waiting.

The full content of that threatening Notice along with my clear and specific responses for more complete and specific details, is now posted in full, on the page titled CHANDLERS THREATS.

If you asked any Justice sitting on the Supreme Court of Canada, or indeed any of the Justices sitting on any of the Provincial Appeal Courts, or Court of Queen’s Benches “ is the truth the absolute defence against a Defamation action “ they would all agree with you.


Both sides of a contradiction cannot be true. One side is either mistaken, is misled or is just outright lying. It’s very easy to find out which side that is. As a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie that is made for that purpose. And the life of a lie, is just a question of time.

If only 50% of what has been published on my eleven unchallenged websites is the truth. Some individuals are in for some very serious repercussions. The bad news for them is that 100% of what’s published is the truth.

We continue to uncover facts, documents, materials, and other veritable goldmines of records. Either gained as a result of freedom of Information and Privacy requests, and many times, facts uncovered from good old fashioned research and investigation.

One PDF alone, covers a total of 434 pages. That PDF was gained from the Corporate security department of the City of Calgary. That along with many additional documents & materials covers all of the Major City Depts, past Aldermanic offices, Councillors offices, Mayors office, City Legal Dept, Calgary Police Service, and other associated agencies. Many of those, show quite clearly the depth & breadth of the corrupt and crooked inner workings of City Hall, and much much more.

TRUE: As sure as eggs are eggs, had Brad Field or any other outsider running for office in Calgary in 2021, utilized, published and widely disseminated what’s on my websites (along with supporting documentation), and done so prior to October 18th. Then Sean Chu, Peter Demong, Andre Chabot, Gian Carlo-Carra, as well as Richard Pootmans would not be Councillors today. And as sure as eggs are eggs Jyoti Gondek wouldn’t be Mayor of Calgary.

The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

The next set of Pinocchio profiles is going to focus on specific individuals who are running in the next Alberta Provincial election. Some have already won their nominations for their respective political parties.

This website will be continually updated.