Craig Chandler was under investigation by elections Alberta. In the February of 2021, Calgary elections forwarded to the elections Alberta commissioner concerns that they had received at their office, about Chandler. Elections Alberta opened up a file (2021-011) and assigned it to one of their investigators. I was only contacted by the elections Alberta investigator on the 25th August 2021. (more to follow on this)

TRUE: Brent Trenholm, Chandlers cohort in Ward 3 received numerous illegal donations to his election campaign, over an extended period of time. All from the bank accounts of Chandlers company PGIB. Brent Received his first illegal donation from PGIB in the amount of $50.00 Dollars, on Saturday the 27th Day of June 2020, and more illegal donations thereafter. And Brent was not the only one. I know this because Trennholm sent me the invoice. The investigator assigned by elections Alberta knows about this and much more. MORE TO FOLLOW:

Ken Brander is the individual that’s been assigned by elections Alberta, to look into the concerns forwarded to them about Craig Chandler, his company PGIB, as well as Craig Chandlers actions over the past 2 years that may have violated Alberta and criminal law. Ken Brander is a very experienced investigator. The information on Brander, below, is taken from a Star Metro Article in December 2018. Ken Brander was the elections Alberta investigator into the UCP Leadership Kamikazi Callaway campaign.

Alberta’s election commissioner has hired a retired Edmonton police detective with extensive expertise in fraud and money laundering to dig into allegations illegal donations fuelled a “kamikaze” campaign in the 2017 United Conservative Party leadership race. Ken Brander, served 25 years with the Edmonton Police Service and now heads a private consulting firm. After leaving Edmonton Police Service in 2014, Brander founded Clarium Fraud and Compliance Solutions Ltd., where he serves as president and principal consultant. As a detective, Brander specialized in investigating fraud and economic crime, money laundering, and organized crime, according to his company. Brander also investigated corruption and terrorist financing in Afghanistan and worked with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime on the Malawi “Cashgate” scandal that saw millions looted from government coffers. (more to follow on this)

The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

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