2023 NEXT PROFILE: Barry Morishita & Kerry Cundal of the ALBERTA PARTY:

Barry Morishita the current Leader of the Alberta Party, is knowingly and willingly enabling the Ask Her Association scam that has been running since 2016. Kerry Cundal is the current Alberta Party candidate for Calgary Elbow in 2023, and Cundal is a founding member of that scam.

SCAM: Dishonest scheme, a fraud; FRAUD: Not a mistake but a deliberate calculated act;

: IMPORTANT NOTE : The founders of the Ask Her Association via their lawyer, stated in open court that they are not contesting the contents of this or any of my other websites. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Also view www.ask-her-fraud.ca Link Below:


The CRAIG B CHANDLER profile will be updated to include DAN MCLEAN: