JUNE 2022 – BREAKING STATEMENT: If only 50% of what has been published on my eleven unchallenged websites is the truth. Some individuals are in for some very serious repercussions. The bad news for them is that 100% of what’s published is the truth.

COMING SOON: The next set of Pinocchio profiles is going to focus on specific individuals who are running in the next Alberta Provincial election. Some have already won their nominations for their respective political parties.

CRAIG CHANDLER: was the first profile of pinocchios.ca. Chandler unsuccessfully ran for the position of Councillor in Ward 12 in the Calgary 2021 municipal elections. Also profiled will be specific senior and non senior members of his Take Back City Hall enterprise.

We continue to uncover facts, documents, materials, and other veritable goldmines of records. Either gained as a result of freedom of Information and Privacy requests, and many times, facts uncovered from good old fashioned research and investigation.

One PDF alone, covers a total of 434 pages. That PDF was gained from the Corporate security department of the City of Calgary. That along with many additional documents & materials covers all of the Major City Depts, past Aldermanic offices, Councillors offices, Mayors office, City Legal Dept, Calgary Police Service, and other associated agencies. Many of those, show quite clearly the depth & breadth of the corrupt and crooked inner workings of City Hall, and much much more.

TRUE: As sure as eggs are eggs, had Brad Field or any other outsider running for office in Calgary in 2021, utilized, published and widely disseminated what’s on my websites (along with supporting documentation), and done so prior to October 18th. Then Sean Chu, Peter Demong, Andre Chabot, Gian Carlo-Carra, as well as Richard Pootmans would not be Councillors today. And as sure as eggs are eggs Jyoti Gondek wouldn’t be Mayor of Calgary.

The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

This website will be continually updated.