BREAKING: I contacted Craig Chandler informing him that Calgary elections is directing people to contact Alberta Elections regarding Chandlers amended financial disclosure form he filed on the 31st Day of May, 2022. more to come…

BREAKING: On Tuesday the 3rd Day of May at 12.00pm I contacted Craig Chandler informing him that I’d been directed by Calgary elections to contact him regarding his financial disclosure form he filed on the 1st Day of March, 2022. I then asked Chandler if he was still standing by what he had filed, reminding him that filing a false statement with Calgary elections is an offence.

Chandler then went “off the rails” both on the phone and then in text messages. Stating that he’s going to sue me, take me to court, add me to the lawsuits. But Craig Chandler would not answer the direct question placed to him. Do you stand by the contents of the financial disclosure form that you filed with Calgary elections.

Still waiting for Craig Chandler to add me to his lawsuits.

BREAKING UPDATE: PINOCCHIO CRAIG CHANDLER: FINANCIAL FILINGS: I have possession of both of Craig Chandlers filed 2021 Campaign and Election Financial Disclosure Statements. I also have all but one of the filings of his Take Back City Hall cohorts. Many of those filings are disturbing and clearly show that offences have been committed.

I am awaiting for a few more releases by Calgary elections and others, and will then forward what I have uncovered, to Steve Kaye, the Compliance and Enforcement Director for Alberta Elections,

After Kaye reviews what is sent, and what is published on this site, I am confident that Director Kaye will forward those materials to the police for further investigation. If no  action is taken, then the entire body of Alberta Elections will be seen to be a joke and a farce, a travesty, just a false, absurd, distorted representation of something. More To Follow.

THE OATH OF TRUST: Almost everyone who gets themselves elected or gets appointed to positions of trust, almost always takes an oath of office. This is the oath of office taken by those elected in the October 2021 Calgary Municipal election.

OATH OF OFFICE:  I (name) of the City of Calgary, in the Province of Alberta, do swear, that I will diligently faithfully and to the best of my ability execute according to law, the office of Councillor, so help me God.

In a nutshell, if anyone sitting on Calgary City council right now, are aware or become aware of any corrupt crooked or criminal malfeasance, having taken or still taking place. They’ve a sworn duty to act on that. Further, all of those who were previously elected, who took that same oath can still be held accountable, for not doing so.

We continue to research and uncover facts, documents, materials, and other veritable goldmines of records, Either gained as a result of freedom of Information and Privacy requests, and many times, facts uncovered from good old fashioned research and investigation.

One PDF alone, covers a total of 434 pages. That PDF was gained from the Corporate security department of the City of Calgary. That along with many additional documents & materials covers all of the Major City Depts, past Aldermanic offices, Councillors offices, Mayors office, City Legal Dept, Calgary Police Service, and other associated agencies. Many of those, show quite clearly the depth & breadth of the corrupt and crooked inner workings of City Hall, and much much more.

TRUE: As sure as eggs are eggs, had Brad Field or any other outsider running for office in Calgary in 2021, utilized, published and widely disseminated what’s on my websites (along with supporting documentation), and done so prior to October 18th. Then Sean Chu, Peter Demong, Andre Chabot, Gian Carlo-Carra, as well as Richard Pootmans would not be Councillors today. And as sure as eggs are eggs Jyoti Gondek wouldn’t be Mayor of Calgary.

The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

This website will be continually updated.